Kasha Breau, Celtic Harp
Kasha Breau, Celtic Harp

Kasha Breau: Celtic harp, piano and vocals

Kasha is a traditional harpist and singer playing original music and folk songs from around the world on modern reconstructions of medieval and renaissance harps as well as the modern concert harp. She is a graduate of the Hartt School of Music and has taught harp, voice, piano, and organ in addition to her performances and workshops in harp playing technique throughout the United States. In addition to the harp, she has a special interest in the kantele, the national instrument of Finland and is one of the few active performers and teachers of this instrument.

Kasha is also an organist and choir director serving in a various faiths for many years and is the music director at the First Congregational Church in Portland, Connecticut. But she started playing the harp on her own about 40 years ago and soon started singing and playing solo as well as with her husband Bob, her musical partner to the present. Early in her harp performing she was asked to play and improvise music for people in hospice, memorial services, and "Days of Remembrance," as well as background music for poetry reading, dance, and many other unusual occasions. She has also been very musically active in several groups, most notably with Tree of Life, Wild Notes, Celtic Borders, Eclectica, and the CitySingers of Hartford.

Kasha was also an environmental teacher and educator for over 35 years and is a state and federally licensed rehabilitator for injured and orphaned songbirds, raptors, various water fowl, and bats.

Her other interests include spinning, knitting, felting, painting, gardening, and wild edibles.

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