Photo by Dana Alan
John Kalinowski
concertina and accordion

John Kalinowski: Concertina and accordion

John Kalinowski comes from a family tradition of ethnic music. He learned to play accordion at an early age while listening to radio performances of his father's polka band. He became intrigued with the Anglo concertina several years ago and has studied with well-known concertina player Noel Hill of County Clare, Ireland. John is a mainstay of southern New England sessions and contra dances.

A founding member of The Wild Notes, John was also a founding member and fifer with Connecticut Valley Field Music, a Civil War fife and drum corps, and performed traditional Irish music and sea music with Full Gael. He currently also plays with the contra dance band Fifer's Delight Band.

John holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and a master's degree in Computer Science and is retired as a Test Systems Engineer at Pratt & Whitney. John (aka K1DUQ) is an Amateur Radio enthusiast and likes to ride his recumbent.

1908 Wheatstone Linota

Photo by Dana Alan
Photo by Dana Alan

Saltaralle Clifden

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John with his latest new toy!

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